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Course : Venue: Online YouTube Live Language: English Course Fees: 1
Online Bhagavad Gita on YouTube
This course is conducted on every Sunday 5-6 pm online through YouTube
It is a free course Donation to the temple is optional.
Mode - Online by YouTube
The course aims to impart a deep understanding of the Bhagavad-Gita as taught by His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and helps participants make real life connections in applying the teachings of Lord Krishna in daily life.
Course Benefits to the students:
Participants will learn the basic teachings of Gita in a simplified manner through Interesting power points, stories, discussions, quizzes etc.
This course will enrich the quality of life & free the burdened mind.
Participants will gain a basic taste of Sanskrit language studying the verses of Gita.
Further Studies -
After successfully completing this program, participants will gain easy understanding of Bhakti Shastri course.
Optional - Those who wish to get certified, have to fulfill the following criteria: Minimum 70% attendance
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About this course
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Duration (Days): 90 No of Sessions: 90
From: 15-Jan-2023 To: 14-Jul-2024
Time: 17:00:00 To: 18:00:00

Course Coordinator:

Ram Charan Das

Rajesh Sharma


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Teacher 1:

Chaitanya Rupini Devi Dasi

Chitrakala Varma


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Teacher 2:



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