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Course : Venue: Temple Seminar Hall Language: English Course Fees: 300
Discover Your Self (DYS)
A six session course on the principles of Bhagavad Gita to quench our quest for Serenity, Joy & Purpose.
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Duration (Days): 6 No of Sessions: 6
From: 29-Jan-2023 To: 05-Mar-2023
Time: 10:30:00 To: 13:00:00

Course Coordinator:

Kishore Burade


8237010417, 8237010417
Teacher 1:

Rajkumar Lalwani


9910075184, 9910075184
Teacher 2:

Krishnapad Das

Kashinath Vinodrao Kokil


9423055119, 9511782307
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